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Going to court at any time is difficult. The legal process is filled with unfamiliar terms and imposing people who may make major decisions about your family's future. At the LAW OFFICE OF NANCY M. IGNAZI in Ipswich, MA, we will help you get through these challenges by making sure that you understand what’s happening in each stage of your case

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We are here to guide you through the process by ensuring you have knowledge that you need to make important decisions for your family’s life. Our skilled and experienced attorney is dedicated to assisting you as you focus on attaining what you and your family need in the future.

What Sets Us Apart

We understand that stress and emotions are high when dealing with family law matters. These include worry, fear, and anger, which may become untenable. This is what inspires the Law Office of Nancy M. Ignazi – commitment to helping our clients though these difficult times.

Trust our divorce lawyer to represent you through mediation, negotiation, and litigation, making sure that you understand how these processes can help you resolve your case.


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